1.   All Guest at Circle N Ranch shall follow instructions of

         employees regarding facility and pony rides.


2.      Children under five years old must have side walker.


3.      Closed toe shoes are required by all pony riders.


4.      Helmets are available upon request.


5.      No double riding on ponies.


6.      Children not riding ponies are not allowed in riding area.


7.      Do not run, shout, or wave hands around or behind ponies.

     8.  No balloons, plastic/paper bags or any loud noises near


9.      Do not feed ponies.


10.     No climbing on fence or gates.


11.   Parents are responsible for children’s actions.


12.  No one allowed in stagecoach until end of party for pictures.

   13. Having fun and riding ponies is important, but safety of 
         our guest and proper treatment of our ponies is number

         #1 at Circle N Ranch.


Note:  Due to weight limits on ponies not all children can ride all ponies.



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